時間:10:30-12:00 場所:新棟W401号室

題名:Bush 2’s Missile Defense: Implications for Japan
発表者:Chantima Ongsuragz(Thammasat University,Thailand)


The recent US election concluded with the victory of George W. Bush, and soon after President Bush was sworn in for his second term, neo-conservative staffs have surrounded the President. What can we expect from this “new situation” in the United States, more specifically, what are some of the implications it may have on Japan? This is the main theme that Professor Chantima addressed in his presentation.
Professor Chantima claimed that American foreign policy will stay the course, or perhaps direct itself further to the right, taking on a more “hard-line” campaign against US enemies, which will almost certainly have an influence on US-Japan foreign and security policy. Among the numerous foreign policy issues between the U.S. and Japan, Professor Chantima singled out the issue of theater missile defense (TMD). In particular, the kind of influence this may have on East Asia, and what we may anticipate from Prime Minister Koizumi’s leadership vis-à-vis TMD, and US foreign and security policy.
In examining the above mentioned issue, Professor Chantima, first, talked about Bush’s global and regional perspectives, and Japan’s role in America’s global security calculus. Secondly, he examined the various principal domestic actors who have conflicting interests to that of the Prime Minister, and how ultimately Prime Minister Koizumi will balance and build a consensus that will satisfy his “opponents”.

(記:北大法学研究科博士課程 池直美)

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